Honke Bankyu Official site in Yunisigawa-onsen, Nikko    

Welcome to HonkeBankyu

The start of a return to nature and a chance to bond with people in a homelike setting that transcends space and time only 3 hours from Tokyo.Established 1666 as a proud riverside “rotenburo” and “irori” inn (open-air bath and open hearth grill cuisine) in Yunishigawa-onsen, Nikko-shi.

Access by Train and Bus

  From Haneda / Narita airport it is best to use “Tobu railway new limited Express”, Asakusa/ Kitasenju station to Yunishigawa Onsen Sation. Then from Yunishigawa-Onsen station visitors can go to Honke Banyu by bus.
  Please be aware of the time because there are few buses in Yunishigawa-onsen. Visitors should take the train from Asakusa by 2:30 pm at the latest. Because that train connects to the final bus at 5:10 pm toward to Honke-Bankyu from Yunishigawa-Onsen Station. if you like to take a taxi, it needs a reservation. they usually don't wait for visitors at Yunishigawa- Onsen station We would like you to call us when you will arrive at our hotel after 5:30 p.m. in advance. Because Our Dinner usually starts at 6 p.m.
  Honke-Bankyu is in Nikko city, but the Nikko city is quite large. Nikko Shrine, a World Heritage Site , to Honke Bankyu is approximately a 1-hour-and-30-minute ride by train or bus, but due to the complicated transfers involved. So we recommend visitors go sightsheeng around Nikko on their return from our hotel instead of on the day of stay from Tokyo. For details, please see the timetables of the train and bus of this website.
Please enjoy a pleasant journey with trouble-free transportation.

Private Open-Air Hot Spring Bath

Choose Plans by room & dinner

All lodging plans include 2 meals per 1 night lodging and include service fees. Dinner is irori hearth, charcoal grill and kaiseki multi-course.

Our Popular Main building guest room with open hearth kaiseki multi-course dinner.

Main building room with bath & toilet and upgrade dinner to Including stone-grilled Japanese beef

Suite room with private open air bath in main building and high-grade dinner served in a private room

Suite room with private semi-open air bath in main building and high-grade dinner served in a private room

Leave the room choice to us and simply enjoy. Guest rooms in main or annex building

Suite room with bath in annex building and upgrade dinner to Including stone-grilled Japanese beef


Wireless LAN connectivity available in main building

5-star Inns 14-years as a certified 5-star inn by the Kankokeizai News Corporation

Face towel,Bath towel,Toothbrushes,Brushes,Hair dryer,Japanese Yukata,Washlet (bidet) toilet,Sink,Plasma television,Air purifie,Humidifier,Refrigerator,safety box,electric kettle, and tea set

Healthy & delicious 10 spice seasoning is HonkeBankyu’s original souvenir “Yakuzen-Jumi-Tougarashi” One shake is all it takes with this almighty seasoning that surpasses the standard 7-spice variety, praised by top chefs on television. Makes a perfect and happy gift to bring back as a representative product of Japan and Tochigi Prefecture. The medicinal seasoning is made according to a well-guarded, 350-year-old Honke Bankyu recipe with a distinct deep mountain fragrance to soothe mind and body.