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Guest Rooms

Each room faces the Yunishi River and is designed to keep natural materials, such as growth rings of big trees and decorative timber, as they are. Every room has its own taste.
We have free WIFI in the most of room and lobby area in the main building .

  • Main Building’s VIP room
  • Rooms with open-air spa
  • Jyuni Kaikan’s suite rooms


Fresh ingredients from the mountains and rivers are grilled over charcoal in Japanese-style fireplaces and then served to each guest on an individual dinner-try, according to Japan’s traditional kaiseki meal.

  • Dinner
  • Restaurant
  • Breakfast

Local Guide (Attractions around Honke Bankyu)

Yunishikawa Onsen resort is a pristine area nestled among mountains and a river with various tourist attractions, such as Heike Villages where you will see how the defeated Heikes lived.
By car, you can visit the Ryuokyo River and the Kinugawa River, as well as temples in Nikko, a World Heritage site.

  • Heike Villages
  • Toshogu Shrine
  • Ryuokyo River


749 Yunishikawa,

History of Bankyu

In the mid-12th century, two great clans-the Heike Dynasty and the Genji Dynasty- fought many battles for supremacy. Defeated by the Genjis in 1185, the Heikes fled to this place and decided to settle down. After the source of hot springs was discovered in 1573, “Bankyu Ryokan” (now Honke Bankyu) was established as an inn for visitors taking hot spring cures. Now the 25th-generation descendant of the Heike Dynasty runs Honke Bankyu. In 1994, offspring of the Genji and the Heike buried the hatchet for the first time since the 1185 battle at Heike Villages, located near Bankyu, which is now famous as the land of reconciliation.


Yunishikawa Onsen contains ingredients to make the skin beautiful. Our open-air hot springs are located along the Yunishi River, which reflects changing seasons. While soaking in the hot springs, you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. The exclusive use of open-air spa is available.

  • Private open-air spa
  • Private open-air spa
  • Common bathing area


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We have free WIFI in the most of room and lobby area in the main building.