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Yunishigawa-Onsenis a rustic country village engulfed in the natural beauty of fertile hills and rivers, with sightseeing facilities such as Heike no Sato. Sightseeing spots enjoyed by car include Kinugawa as well as the temples and shrines of Nikko, a UNESCO World Heritage site.


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Heike Village

7 minutes by walk Heike warriors who had been defeated in the Genpei War inhabited in Yunishigawa about 800 years ago. In the folk village encompassing the thatched-roof house where the life of the fleeting Heike warriors is recreated.

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7 minutes by car Hot spring public baths , hand-made soba and local cuisine are popular. Foot baths and large suspension bridges relaxing while watching the great nature are popular.

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Event in Yunishigawa

“Zashiki-bina” at Bankyu in spring

The children festival, and features displays of lavishly decorated “hina” dolls covering a 50-mat area.

Heike Taisai (Heike Grand Festival)

1st Saturday and 2nd Sunday in June. Various Heike-related events, reviving the epic romance of the past.

Bamboo Night Festival

July to early August. A romantic festival recreating the fantasy world of Princess Kaguya, employing a liberal amount of fresh green bamboo in the cool summer evening.


In July we will release hundreds of LED balls shining in seven colors to the Yukishigawa Stream at night. Please enjoy the fluctuation of light synchronized with the flow of the river.

Miyama Aurora Show

Mid-July to late August. Marvel at the large aurora show taking place the sky above a vast highland plateau.

Ducktour in Yunishigawa-station

Ice Festival at Honke Bankyu

Feb. to late March. Mammoth-sized, mystical ice sculptures built on the opposite shore of the river are illuminated in resplendent colors. The view from our lobby and open air baths is astounding.

“Kamakura” igloo festival

Late Jan. to early March. Enjoy a light midday meal inside one of several hundred, specially-constructed igloos. At night, the igloos are illuminated by candlelight for a magical sight.


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Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura

50 minutes by car, an Edo period cultural theme park. You’ll enjoy the feeling of having traveled back in time to the Edo period.In the park there are attractions such as Ninja play, Oiran Dochu parade, and Ninjo theater are popular.

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Tobu World Square

50 minutes by car, this theme park displays over 100 of the world’s most famous sites and buildings from 21 countries in elaborate and precise 1/25th miniature scale. Travel the world with the feeling of Gulliver.

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Kegon Falls

2 hours by car, this is a massive waterfall plummets from Lake Chuzenji.

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Nikko Toshogu Shrine

90-minutes by car, Toshogu is where first Tokugawa shogun, Ieyasu, is enshrined in gorgeous shrine pavilions. It is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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